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With over two decades experience relieving pain and improving his patient’s lives, Dr. Brad Basaraba goes beyond basic chiropractic adjustment that addresses symptoms. Practising functional chiropractic neurology enables him to treat underlying causes and bring lasting change.

Combined with a well-equipped treatment facility that provides non-surgical spinal decompression, cold laser therapy and other progressive treatment options, YEG Chiro+Neuro is at the forefront of chiropractic care in Edmonton.

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Treatment Options:

Experts When you Need a Second Opinion

A Message from Dr. Brad Basaraba, DC

Finding the right doctor can be daunting – especially when it comes to caring for your brain and spine. With 25 years of international training and experience, a postgraduate of the Carrick Institute of Chiropractic Neurology, a four-year postgraduate, and a US Diplomate Board eligible in chiropractic neurology, I offer a second opinion.

I believe that – as a potential patient – you deserve to know with a scheduled formal consult your questions will be answered.

Personally, being on the end of three neuro-spinal surgeries, including spinal instrumentation, bone grafts and spinal fusions, I understand that spinal neurological disorders along with the prospect of having neurosurgery can make you anxious for answers to your questions. That is why I am committed to providing you with answers – and peace of mind.

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Braces limit range of motion, supporting joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles that need time and therapy to strengthen and heal. With his 20 years experience in sports medicine and dealing with every injury possible, Dr. Basaraba can diagnose and treat you quickly to get you back in motion.

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Compression Socks & Stockings

Dr. Basaraba can fit the right Compression Socks & Stockings to ensure proper blood flow and reduce swelling in your lower legs with the full line of Relaxsan socks and stockings – fashion, fit, comfort and health are steps away.

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Metagenics Vitamins & Supplements

Finding the right vitamin/supplements can be daunting when caring for your brain, organs and bones. Metagenics Vitamins & Supplements takes the guesswork out of the equation for patients, with clear and thorough information backing each of their products.

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Custom Foot Orthotics

are specifically made to support the rear foot, fore foot, and support leg length discrepancy. By maintaining a symmetrical midline of the feet your knees and hips will counter swing in a fluid motion, decreasing wear and tear on cartilage, tendons and joints.

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Eyelights can be worn around the house as a pick-me-up, while exercising, or at work to keep you more attentive and focussed, helping to increase seratonin and dopamine production.

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BACKplus Massage Chair 7909

The BACKplus Massage Chair 7909 adapts to your body, stretching it and promoting increased blood flow, delivering immense relaxation and imparting strength to you. Control all chair functions with the visual remote. We have a demonstration model in our office.

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I have been a professional athlete for over two decades. Finding Doctor that knows how to work well with Head Concussion was very difficult! I have seen several different ones over the years and not one compares to the in-depth level and care that Dr. Basaraba took with me. I am very thankful for his in-depth level of knowledge and experience. I highly recommend his practice to anyone looking for a better well being and go see him before you have too many issues and try to be preventative IFBB Professional athlete and business woman.

Carmen T.

Dr. Basaraba is extremely knowledgeable and very good at what he does. Made an appointment for orthotics because I had given up hope after being told by many doctors nothing could be done for my scoliosis. Once at his office he started explaining my condition and asked if he could do a full assessment. I agreed and glad I did. Within 10 mins I was standing straight for the first time in years and had no pain. Would definitely recommend him. Wish I was closer to Edmonton to see him more regularly.

Denise C.

I’ve gone to Chiropractors but Dr. Basaraba is the reason I’am still walking,Thank you He is the best. Dr Basaraba has a DeCompression Table
which I have tried and it works wonders. I have knee issues and I see a difference already. I will continue with it .Just came back had Decompression on my back and knee.I walk straight and can bend my knee which I haven’t been able till now. I’am very impressed.

Marie P.

Dr. Brad Basaraba is who I highly recommend. He is the reason I am able to walk or even use my leg. Frozen at 45 degrees after surgery from a skiing accident that twisted my hip and snapped my Tibia. One treatment and I could walk unaided around the block, I was shopping for a scooter after six months of painful, unsuccessful physio until I found him. Impressive stack of local and internationally recognised credentials Dr Basaraba is very thorough and effective.

Laura C.

Dr Basaraba is the best Chiropractor I’ve been to in Edmonton, personable guy who’s actually interested in your life and takes very good care of you. Plus, the massage chair before any appointment is sooo good! Also, the décor inside is awesome and unique. Brad is so educated on so many different things his wall is covered in degrees and certificates.

Go get an assessment!

Jake A.

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