Braces limit range of motion, supporting joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles that need time and therapy to strengthen and heal.

YEG Chiro+Neuro carries the full line of OTC braces targetting every body part at risk for re-injury, stress and strain.

Book an assessment and Dr. Basaraba wlll be happy to recommend a course of treatment and braces as required. With his 26+ years of international sports medicine and dealing with every injury possible, he can diagnose and treat you quickly to get you back in motion. Just as treatment is custom tailored to each individual, your brace will be custom fitted for comfort and maximum therapeutic benefit.

Lumbar Support 2886

This heavy duty sacro brace has a unique construction to provide optimum support and comfort to the sacrum and the lower spine.

Lumbar Support 2887

The criss-cross panel sacro brace provides optimum support and comfort to the sacrum and lower spine. The design of this brace allows it to conform and support virtually every figure type.

Lumbar Support 2894

The lumbosacral orthosis effectively stabilizes the ligaments, tendons and muscles of the lower back, providing relief from pain and discomfort.

Wrist 2383

A lightweight laminated foam glove with separate hook and pile cinch fasteners provides support and compression to the wrist to help relieve swelling and minimize pain.

Elbow 2428

An elbow night splint support designed for those suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome, a condition very similar to carpal tunnel syndrome except that is originates from near the elbow, rather than the wrist.

Knee Brace 2543

A knee stabilizer made from Orthotex fabric, an open three-dimensional knit that is a non-latex alternative to neoprene. It offers breathability, elasticity, therapeutic compression, comfort and heat control.

Knee Brace 2544

This knee stabilizer wrap is made from Orthotex fabric, an open 3-dimensional knit that is a non-latex alternative to neoprene.

Knee Brace 2549

This range-of-motion knee stabilizer wrap offers exceptional service from knee surgery through post-op rehabilitation.

Knee Brace X525

Anatomically engineered for a precision fit with gel buttress surrounding the kneecap (patella) to provide compression and stabilization. Flexible spiral side stabilizers enhance medial/lateral stability, yet flex and extend naturally with the joint.