What is functional chiropractic neurology?

Functional chiropractic neurology is a drug-free way of treating dysfunctions of the brain. Dysfunction in the central nervous system via spinal injury, ligament strains or muscle injuries may be the cause of migraines, tinnitus, vertigo, or other symptoms and issues.

Using a holistic approach, we stimulate neuron receptors, enhancing neuronal firing from the spinal pathways to the lobes of the brain.

This is a safe, painless approach of treatment correcting neuronal pathways. And it can be from many types of ancillary treatments such as:

  • Fast stretch of a muscle spindle
  • Sound and/or vibration using different types of tuning forks
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Eye lights that flash in the non-dominant eye and brain Lobe
  • Cold lasers that causes a photo-biotic reaction to the mitochondria of the cells, and orthotics to correct spinal and gate stabilization

What makes functional chiropractic neurology so special?

Functional chiropractic neurologists like Dr. Basaraba have completed a post-graduate program, specializing in the central and peripheral nervous systems. It allows us to offer diagnosis and effective treatment options that do not involve medications or surgery by stimulating dysfunctional, inhibited pathways related to the lobes of the brain, cerebellum, brain stem and peripheral nerves. Functional chiropractic neurology provides a new avenue of hope for successful holistic treatment.

Why choose a functional chiropractic neurologist?

Traditionally, a neurologist looks at disease of the nervous system at the macro level, with one side being optimal neurological function, and the other being tumours, strokes, and other negative outcomes.

Functional chiropractic neurologists have great success treating patients for whom all other methods have failed. In addition to evaluating for pathologies as medical doctors do, functional chiropractic neurologists look for subtle changes in the function of the nervous system, an additional level of detail that makes them unique.