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What to except at YEG Chiro during your first Consultation, Exam & Treatment.

At YEG CHIRO – A Functional Chiropractic Neurology Clinic Featuring non-surgical spinal decompression, you want to know why you have pain? This along with others are fair questions. Your first visit can last up to 1 hour.  Questions can be answered when all intake forms, COVID-19 forms are completed and before the physical exam starts.

New Patient Forms

Please fill these four forms out, print them off and bring them for your first appointment:

History Review

When your finished your intake forms Dr. Basaraba reviews YOUR initial chief complaint, assessing your primary injury. Your past medical, family and social history are reviewed. Making sure no stone is left unturned that may have a underlying cause to your present injury.

Physical Exam

Before your personal physical exam starts, you will be informed of the types of exams about to be done such as: Vitals exams, Orthopedic tests and Neurological exams.

When the examination is finished, Dr. Basaraba will go over your results with you. This is done with the aid of anatomical models to aid in you visualizing the treatment. Then a treatment plan will be provided to you.

Treatment Plan

The first treatment is always reduced as over treating a patient on first visit can have a negative effect on the healing process.

Typically at the end of the first week of treatment your progress will be reviewed with you and a go forward plan develop. Intensity and volume of treatments are increased as the patient response to treatment.

Remember orthopedic and neurological conditions may have been smoldering for quite a while before any discomfort or pain appeared. This holds the same with treatment. It may take more treatments or less treatments depending on your personal situation. So, individual results will always vary from person to person.